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Fall and Winter Golf Tips to Stay Warm and Have Fun

Fall and Winter Golf Tips to Stay Warm and Have Fun

I received a few comments on the following article from readers who misinterpreted the last half of the article beginning with the line, “On to another topic that, I gotta tell you, just drives me nuts,” regarding “Those guys who dillydally stopping for lunch at the turn.” The reader, who did not read the statements entirely, assumed I was referring to the course employees negatively. Not at all! I was referring to exactly what I said, “Those guys who dillydally stopping for lunch at the turn,” with only a one sentence reference to a slow person behind the counter. Hey, that person was slow! But, that was not what the article was about, so please read entirely.
Fall golf, you’ve got love it — we have no other choice! I must admit that I prefer wearing shorts and sweating a bit while I golf. I stay loose when I’m warm, plus the ball compresses better and I hit longer drives (if I hit it well). Ball compression is something you might consider during the colder months of the season. If you’re one of those players who’s just gotta play a ProV, then do yourself a favor and buy some lower compression balls this time of year. A Precept Laddie, Wilson 50+, TaylorMade Rocketballz, Titleist DT Solo and other similar brands work well for cool weather golf — they’re also less expensive. You might consider using the bright yellow balls —they’re much easier to see in the dormant fairway grass and easier to spot in the leaves.

Dressing in layers is the theme for winter golf. My winter golf rule is — if it’s a nice sunny day with low winds, I’ll play. However, as I said earlier, I prefer to be warm or hot. I dress in layers starting with lightweight Under Armour, if it’s really cold, and layering up from there with a mock turtleneck, pullover vest and a jacket that has zip-off sleeves making a second vest. I like clothing that keeps me warm, but also allows unrestricted use of my arms. As I get warm, I just peel a layer off and keep on swinging. Because most courses allow jeans in winter — I have a secret for you! Go to Bass Pro Shops and get a pair of Redhead flannel-lined jeans. These things are toasty, and they come in three different flannel thicknesses and feel like PJ’s when you’re wearing them. Save the dress slacks for those warmer days.

On to another topic that, I gotta tell you, just drives me nuts — those guys who dillydally stopping for lunch at the turn. It’s bad enough when the counter person is as slow as a snail at simply putting a hotdog on a bun, but then you have the guys who think they can sit down and leisurely eat the dog at the snack bar — then just jump back on the 10th tee, oblivious to the players coming off nine. How about using some common sense if you don’t want to play golf using etiquette — if you stop and sit down for lunch, you lose your spot on the course.

www.TeeTimesMagazine.com.That means you can’t just jump back in front of a group. You eat, you lose — simple as that! Instead, you should wait it out until no one is coming off the ninth green, and then tee off on the tenth. And, swallow the hulls of those damn sunflower seeds you eat, and stop spitting them on the greens — it’s gross and they’re in my line! Have some respect for the course, if not the golfers behind you.

Okay, now get out and play some golf this winter. Pick a sunny day with low winds, a low compression ball, get some flannel jeans, eat fast, leave the sunflower seeds at home and go play golf.

Oh, have fun too!

Footnote: I will post the reader comments mentioned in the intro and my reply in a later post — stay tuned. As always, see current and past magazine issue at www.TeeTimesMagazine.com.

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